Introduction to shennongxi scenic spot

Shennongxi, a national 5A scenic spot and one of the top ten scenic spots in Hubei Province, is a long flowing stream on the North Bank of the Yangtze River in Badong County, Hubei Province. It is located between the Three Gorges and Wuxia, and originates from the south slope of Shennongjia. Shennong Creek is 60 kilometers long. On both sides of the stream, there are towering mountains, winding and overlapping peaks. With different styles of male, beautiful, dangerous and strange, it has formed four distinctive magical canyons: Longchang, parrot, Mianzhu and Shennong. The deep pool and clear water in the gorge, surrounded by Mianzhu, primitive boat, Tujia style, yanziqian karst cave, elephant trunk peak and other natural canyon scenery are all amazing.

Shennong River trackers cultural corridor scenic spot is an extension of the national AAAAA scenic spot Shennong river. It is a tourist attraction with trackers culture as the core and integrating experience, vacation, exploration and health preservation. In the scenic area, you can participate in the ancient "pea horn boat" rafting and rubber boat warrior beach rafting. The beautiful scenery, which is primitive, simple, natural, wild and pollution-free, inherits and spreads the thick Tujia culture and the mysterious TrackMan culture.

friend! If you want to enjoy the beautiful and primitive natural landscape and the unique tracker culture, please come to Shennong Creek!

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Charming Shennong River
Shennong River
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